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What makes Vespa the new must-have in Dubai

Date   |     16-1-2019

The Vespa is without a doubt, one of the most iconic two-wheeler brands across the globe. Its vintage-inspired design, low running costs and cultural significance has led to its growing popularity over the years. Moreover, the Electric Vespa comes at an affordable price, making the brand a cult favourite among environmentally savvy individuals and businesses.

Dubai, along with the rest of the UAE, has a penchant for stylish automobiles, both cars and two-wheelers. The Piaggio Vespa comes in a range of models and colours to suit individual styles and tastes. Combined with a host of other cool features, here are some reasons that make Vespa the new must-have in Dubai:

1. Awesome Mileage

On an average, a 300cc Vespa provides a mileage of 45 kilometres per litre. This is much higher than four-wheelers that are commonly used in the UAE and almost on par with motorcycles which cost nearly double the price. Buying a Vespa in Dubai can help you save big bucks on fuel expenses.

2. Ample Storage Space

Shop on the go when you own a Vespa, without worrying about where you will store your possessions.  All Piaggio Vespa models come with sufficient storage space. So whether you want to stock up on your weekly groceries or haul home your shopping bags from the mall, storage space is the last thing you need to worry about when you buy a Vespa.

3. When it comes to style, trust the Italians

From fashion to automobiles, no one knows high-end style and quality better than the Italians. Come to think of it, Versace, Valentino, Ferrari, or Lamborghini, some of the world’s finest brands across industries, are born in Italy. All Piaggio Vespa models exude Italian elegance and design expertise. The Vespa takes the best of fine Italian design and packs it in a niche retro silhouette. Vespas are in fact synonymous with Italian culture.

4. No more parking woes

Visit any mall in Dubai on the weekend and you will surely spend a lot of time searching for a parking spot. But a Vespa conveniently fits into nooks and crannies where no car could ever fit. With a Vespa, you don’t need to take the trouble to venture out for small errands in your car. You can save precious parking time and feel no frustration about parking in congested areas.

5. Small and speedy
Not only is the Vespa a highly compact two-wheeler, but it also offers an optimum speed threshold. On an average, a 300cc Vespa offers a top speed of 130Kilometres per hour. And that’s just in case of stock models. You can count on the Piaggio dealership that you buy your Vespa from to offer you a host of aftermarket modifications to enhance your bike’s top speed as well as offer you a selection of Vespa accessories, staying within the law of the land.Take a test drive at Society Motors and you will be convinced that a Vespa is a must-have. We assure you the best deals on the Vespa in Dubai.

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