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5 tips for city riders in Dubai

Date   |     20-2-2019

Traffic in Dubai can get a little insane at times and the rules and regulations one must follow to ride a two-wheeler in the city are plenty. While one need not be a brave gladiator to ride a two-wheeler in Dubai, one does need to have a heightened sense of awareness, a strong presence of mind and an eye for potential hazards coupled most importantly, with good riding skills. Possessing these qualities can, to a great extent minimise the risks of fines and penalties as well as prevent accidents in Dubai.

Every day, thousands of riders take the streets of Dubai either for their daily commute or just for the thrill of riding on the city’s fine roads. If you want to be a part of this group there is no need to be intimidated. Here are a few important tips for you to ride safely and deftly in our urban metropolis:

1. Larger the vehicle, bigger the blind spot

Trucks and freight carriers are found on all major roads in Dubai. The city reports plenty of accidents involving motorcyclists and larger vehicles daily. The lesson here is to be careful when trying to overtake large vehicles.

Huge blind spots mean that truck drivers can easily be totally unaware of motorcyclists. Even if you are in a slow lane or when passing stationary traffic, do not cross a truck lest you know you will be past it before approaching any junctions and before traffic begins moving again.

2. Glance over your shoulders

Depending on your bike’s rear-view mirrors at all times may not be a good idea in fast-moving traffic. Get into the habit of checking your rear-view mirror followed by glancing over your shoulder before taking sharp turns or manoeuvring through lanes in traffic. A quick glance can be a life-saving measure and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

3. Dump your headphones

Many of you feel the need to tune into the radio or mute the ambient traffic sounds with music when riding through the city. But to truly be safe on city roads, its best you put away your headphones for later use. While riding your bike, it is vital that you hear when vehicles are approaching you and be aware of other sounds and signals around you.

4. Plan your route in advance

If you would like to ride for pleasure, or if you need to get to work quicker than usual, it can really help if you plan your route in advance. Google Maps and other navigation apps can help you identify high traffic routes and avoid the same so that you can enjoy the ride or get to your destination in the shortest possible time.

5.Choose to be an assertive rider. Not an aggressive one

It is not an uncommon sight to see one or a group of riders behaving aggressively or rather stupidly on the streets of Dubai. What they do not realise is that the art of motorbike riding is more about enjoying the pleasure of riding than simply riding fast. Haste makes waste, and hence accidents find a commonplace on Dubai’s roads.

Ride with assertiveness. Maintain a safe distance between the vehicles in front and behind you. Use your signals judiciously and choose a safe location in the lane and own it.

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