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5 things to keep in mind when buying a motorcycle in Dubai

Date   |     21-12-2018

Riding a motorcycle in Dubai means different things to different people. Some of you consider your motorcycles to be your greatest possessions. You spend hours maintaining your bike and looking after it with great care.

While there are those of you who depend on your motorcycles on a daily basis to commute to work, many of you use your motorcycles for laid-back rides only once every few weeks. Then there are those, who consider a motorcycle to be a status and style statement, a reflection of their personality and stature.

In a nutshell, there are a variety of motorbikes in the UAE that you can choose from based on your needs and desires when you decide to buy a motorcycle in Dubai. However, there are a few key factors you should keep in mind before you choose your ride.  

Riding experience

The first thing to keep in mind when buying a motorcycle in Dubai is your riding expertise. The traffic rules and license guidelines are stringent. There is no room for error. Thus, if you are an inexperienced rider or are completely new to the world of motorcycles and want to optimize your skills as a professional rider, its best to start off with entry-level motorcycles that belong to the 125-150cc bike category and are easy to handle.

Then gradually upgrade to bigger more powerful motorcycles. In contrast to this, if you are an experienced biker, choose a motorcycle that is on par with your riding skills.

Decide on the size of your bike based on its prime purpose

Are you buying a motorcycle to speed up your daily commute? Or are you planning to go off-roading with your beast on the weekends? Once you know the purpose of your motorcycle, you will be in a better position to select the size of the bike you require.

Scooters like the Vespa, offer a stylish and economical option if you need a bike to commute in the daily traffic while powerful sports bikes like the Aprilia and Motoguzzi are ideal for long-distance adventures.

Motorcycle body type

There are different types of motorcycle body types for you to choose from to suit all tastes and preferences such as cruisers, sports bikes, tourers, dirt bikes, street bikes and more. If you’re looking at taking long, medium-paced rides a cruiser is a good option. But if you are a sports rider then you should choose a motorcycle body design wherein you can have an aggressive leaned over riding position with the handlebars below the chest and feet tucked behind the body.

The extras – motorcycle parts and accessories

Dubai offers an endless array of motorcycle enhancement options. Most dealers have a selection of parts to accessorize your new motorcycles such as seats, windscreens, backrests, custom exhausts, saddlebags and lights. 

These accessories can be purchased and installed at the same time of purchase or added at a later date based on your needs. To ensure the quality of the parts and accessories it is recommended that you buy the same only from the authorised dealer as a single faulty part is enough to deteriorate your bike’s performance forever.

Invest in safety gear

Once you invest in a motorcycle, the most essential thing to do is to buy high-quality safety gear as accidents are umpteen in Dubai. A good quality helmet, jacket and gloves won’t cost much. Don’t ever try finding the middle ground when it comes to safety.

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